CompuPool saltwater chlorinator automatically produces enough sanitizer for a swimming pool up to 60,000 gallons.

CompuPool Saltwater Chlorinator - 60K Gallons

Price: $1,059.00

Compu Pool Saltwater Chlorinator

CompuPool's high-performance saltwater chlorination system provides you with perfectly clear swimming pool water without having to use hazardous chlorine chemicals. Automate your pool sanitation and save hundreds of dollars on pool chlorine cost by making you own from salt.
This chlorination system will work for all types of pool surfaces. CPSC series pool chlorinator operates effectively from 3000 P.P.M salt to sea water, but it is recommended to use at a 3500 P.P.M. salt level. A built-in water temperature sensor accurately measures the salt level readings. 

Compu Pool’s high performance electrodes will ensure maximum cell life and increased chlorine efficiency. This unit features touch pad controls that provide easy setting, an LCD digital display, high and low salt fault lights, LED indicator lights, a winter time cold water operating mode and it is fully weather protected. This unit does not stop producing chlorine if the salt level gets too high like many other chlorine generators. It has a self regulating function in high salt conditions. 

This unit produces up to 2.5 lbs. of chlorine per day, which is enough for pools up to 60,000 gallons. It has a super chlorination mode for boosting chlorine levels when you need it. Reliable and durable for long lasting performance. Digital time clock with battery back up timer is standard. Easy installation to new and existing pools. 1 Year Full Manufacturers Warranty.

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