Pool chlorine stabilizer and water conditioner in a liquid, for instant pool chlorine protection! No more waiting for granular cyanuric acid to dissolve!

Pool Water Conditioner/Stabilizer

Price: $29.99

The pool chlorine stabilizer and water conditioner in a liquid, for instant chlorine stabilizer protection! No more waiting for granular pool chlorine stabilizer to dissolve!

Natural Chemistry Liquid pool chlorine stabilizer and water conditioner is poolowner friendly! Liquid chlorine stabilizer has a pool water pH of about 8.0, so you can add it directly to pool water for instant use. 

Cyanuric acid, which is the regular chlorine stabilizer and water conditioner won't protect chlorine from the damaging UV rays of sunlight, which causes wasted chlorine loss, until it's completely dissoved. Unlike regular dry cyanuric acid with a very acidic pH of 2.8 and a dissolve time of up to 7 days, Natural Chemistry's Liquid chlorine stabilizer is instant and it is not an acid.
Natural Chemistry liquid pool chlorine stabilizer dissovles instantly! It begins to protect against pool chlorine instantly without any damage to swimming pool equipment or surfaces.

Dosage: 1 gallon per 10,000 gallons of pool water (use as needed).