Intex Ultra Frame Swimming Pool Kits

Intex ultra frame pool kits provide fast swimming in about one hour! These pools are truly stong and affordable.
Price: $939.00

Intex Ultra Frame above ground pools are the perfect choice! Easy assembly and solid construction!

Intex’s New Ultra Frame swimming pool features a new unique design making them stronger than traditional metal frame pools, even easier to assemble and faster to enjoy. The Intex Ultra Frame Pool is easily set up in about an hour and is a very affordable alternative to traditional metal wall pools which are difficult and time consuming to install. The rectangular design allow more efficient use of yard space especially if you have a smaller backyard. Rectangular pools provide more effective swim area than round or oval pools making it better for lap swimming and volleyball game play.

Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool liner is constructed using Super-Tough™ heavy gauge material. This above ground pool's Super-Tough™ sidewalls and floor are triple strong. Super-Tough™ is made using three separate layers of material. The two outer layers are of heavy gauge PVC laminated to an inner scrim layer of polyester reinforcing mesh for extremely tough strength and durability. Super-Tough™ reinforced PVC is much thicker and puncture resistant than traditional above ground pool liners which can be easily punctured and then rip apart. The construction and composition of this plastic PVC liner makes it natural flexible and highly resistant to damage from abrasion. This liner also has rip-stopping properties, sustains more pressure and resists impact and sunlight damage.

Ultra Frame rectangle and round pool features a unique design of  strong galvanized steel piping that has been powder coated, which provides corrosion resistance and maintenance-free beauty that lasts for years. The pool frame provides superior structural support and strength compared to other metal frame pools, which allows for larger pool sizes with more water depth and fast pool water play action. Ultra Frame above ground pools also have an additional reinforced Super-Tough™ PVC band that spans underneath the pool for strong wall to wall support. With proper care an Ultra Frame above ground pool will provide years of family enjoyment.

Best of all, each Ultra Frame Pool comes with everything you need to get started: Pool filter pump, saltwater chlorine generator, pool ladder, ground cloth, pool cover, deluxe pool maintenance kit, volleyball set and easy to follow instructional DVD. Pool heights are 52 inches except the 16 foot round is 48 inches. The 16' x 32' pool size is pictured above.

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