Boost Spa Shock & Oxidizer

Leisure Time Boost

Price: $9.49

Leisure Time Boost

Leisure Time Boost is a powerful non-chlorine, liquid spa oxidizer formulated to break down oils, lotions and other organic materials. Leisure Time Boost spa shock is one of the three core products used in their Biguanide spa chemical line-up that is bromine-free and chlorine-free. Not compatible with other spa sanitizers. Campare to BaquaSpa® Oxidizer Shock.

  • Specifically designed to be used with Leisure Time Free or other biguanide spa chemicals.
  • Contains 7.5% hydrogen peroxide.
  • Compatible with the Leisure Time Simple Spa Care products and BaquaSpa® spa and hot tub chemicals .
Start-up Instructions: Leisure Time Boost is added after Leisure Time Control during spa start-up.
Weekly Instructions: Leisure Time Control is added on a weekly basis and the amount is based on the spa usage.