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16 Mil Ultra Clear Solar Blanket

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16 Mil Ultra-Clear & Silver Pool Solar Blankets

Our 16 Mil Ultra Clear solar blanket is clear on top and silver on the bottom. The 16 Mil Ultra Clear blanket uses the energy of the sun to heat your swimming pool and can actually raise the pool water temperature up to 15 degrees! Create your own Hot Spot for unsurpassed warmth for your swimming pool! No one makes a better solar blanket!

16 Mil Ultra Clear in ground pool solar blanket can easily extend your swimming season by weeks - so you can use your pool earlier each spring, and later into the fall! 

Our 16 Mil Ultra Clear solar blanket is crafted from thousands of tough, hexagon shaped air cells, encased in the newest generation of poly resin material providing superior performance. The space-age material is clear on top for enhanced thermal absorption and a unique silver aluminized bottom for maximum heat transfer. Best of all, the 16 Mil Ultra-Clear solar blanket is more rugged and has flat sealed seams to reduce wear and tear. 

A 16 Mil Ultra Clear solar blanket can cut water evaporation and heat loss by as much as 90% — by reducing water loss, increasing heat retention and insulating against cooling wind and lower night temperatures. It helps to retain the heat produced by your gas pool heater, electric pool heater or roof mounted solar heater, saving hundreds of dollars per year in pool heating energy and operating costs! 

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16 Mil Ultra Clear Solar Blanket combines a clear top layer and a silver aluminized bottom layer that together help to maximize the thermal heating from the sun's rays while reflecting the absorbed heat back into the pool. 
Ultra Clear solar blanket also utilize a unique hexagon bubble, which reduces the space between them, increasing heat absorbsion, heat transfer and insulation.
 Strongest pool solar cover made in the USA! Ultra-Therm Clear Diamond Space Age hex bubble pool solar cover. 16-Mil with a limited 8 year manufacturers warranty.

  • Unique Hex-bubble Design
  • Thickest In Ground Pool Solar Blanket on the Market
  • Superior Heat Retention  

Ultra-Clear pool solar blankets are rectangle, but may be trimmed with scissors to fit smaller in ground pool shapes and sizes. 

16-Mil Ultra-Clear solar blanket is backed by a Limited 8-Year Manufacturer Warranty. 

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Sizes 20' x 44' rectangle and larger, please allow 7 to 21 days for delivery