Filter Cleaner

Filter Cleaner
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Granular pool filter cleaner is a powerful filter cleaner and degreaser that removes the minerals, oils, grease and scale that clog pool or spa filters! 

Pool filter cleaner is one of the strongest and most effective acid-based filter cleaners for all types of pool filters. Regular use of pool filter cleaner will increase your swimming pool filter efficiency and greatly extend the life of your filter and filter media. 

Swimming pool filter cleaner works on any pool filter, even biguanide pools. It dissolves and removes collected debris, scale, rust and organic waste from sand, cartridge or DE filters.

Americas Best pool filter cleaner is compatible with and just as effective as Baquacil®, Soft Swim® and Revacil® pool filter cleaning chemicals. Pool filter cleaner is a multi-purpose granular formula that is great for cleaning cartridge, DE and sand filters. When mixed with water, the solution will change from red to yellow to indicate the filter cleaning process is complete. Use approximately 1 pound per 5 gallons of water per cleaning. Works overnight or after 12 hours.

Pool filter cleaner works great with biguanide pool any pool filter too!

Compare to GLB® and Filter Cleanse®. 

  • Great for cleaning pool DE filters and spa filters too.

  • Powerful filter cleaner and degreaser

  • Removes oils, grease, and filter clogging particles

  • Increases pool filter efficiency and filter life

  • 2 Lb. Bottle


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