Jet Clean

Leisure Time Jet Clean

Price: $8.59

Leisure Time Jet Clean

Jet Clean flushes and cleans spa and hot tub plumbing lines and jets.

Jet Clean keeps spa and hot tub systems in top shape. Often, if a spa or jetted tub has higher than normal sanitizer demand and circulation problems, the cause is out of sight. Leisure Time jet clean prevents such problems by keeping spa and jetted tub plumbing clear of organics, oils, dirt and mineral build-up. By using jet clean as part of the Leisure Time Simple Spa Care® Program, spa owners can prevent spa plumbing line build-up issues that could restrict water flow and damage equipment.  We recommend using Leisure Time jet clean once every 3-months, each time the spa is drained and refilled so jets continue to perform like new. Compatible with chlorine, bromine and biguanide sanitizing systems. See product label for complete application instructions.


  • Clears inside plumbing
  • Use before draining water
  • Low foaming

1-pint bottle