Aqua-Rite & Aqua-Logic Replacement Cell

New replacement chlorine generator T cells that fit AquaRite, AquaLogic, SwimPure, Blue Haven, SmartPure and more pool chlorine generators. Free shipping!
Price: $225.00

Hayward AquaRite and AquaLogic replacement chlorine generator cells

Hayward Aqua-Rite replacement cells for the following systems:

  • Goldline Controls: Aqua RiteTM, Aqua RiteTM XL, Aqua PlusTM and Aqua LogicTM.
  • Hayward Pool Products: SwimPureTM+, H-40TM and HPCTM.
  • Blue Haven Pools: SmartPureTM Sanitizer and SmartPureTM Sanitizer II.
  • Splash Super Pools: SplashCLEARTM and SP-40TM.
  • The LeverEdge: GuardianTM .
  • Pebble Technology: NATURE SOFTTM.

If your controller is 2007 or prior, the new T-Cell 3 and T-Cell 9 replacements will not work for your model without a new control board with the software up-date for controllers 2008 and newer. These prior units are designed to work using the 40,000 gallon T-Cell 15. The replacement cells are equipped with a 15 foot cable.

Hayward, Goldline Controls recommends that the chlorine generator cell be replaced approximately every 5 to 6 years to ensure proper pool water chlorine production. The cell is easy to replace using the hand-tightened union connections on each end. Unions are not included with replacement cell. It's simply plumbed into the pool return line returning water back to the pool. The control center cable easily plugs in. The AquaRite chlorine generator T-cell can also be installed vertically or horizontally to accommodate various pool plumbing configurations. Unions not included. 3 year Limited Manufacturers Warranty.

Tips on how to clean your chlorine generator cell:
Cell cleaning frequency is dependent on several factors. pH and calcium levels in the water are the two that have the greatest effect on how often the cell requires cleaning. Maintaining pH at the levels recommended in the Operating Instructions (7.2 - 7.8) should result in cell cleaning 3-4 times a year in areas with hard water. Cells can be cleaning less frequently in soft water areas.
The cell will require maintenance when the "Inspect Cell" light is either flashing or is on solid and the salt level is confirmed to be above 2500 part per million.
Procedure for cleaning Turbo Cell:

  1. Turn Filter pump off.
  2. Remove the Aqua Rite Turbo Cell from its position in the plumbing by loosening the unions on both ends of the cell.
  3. You will need a small plastic bucket (6 - 8" opening), water and muriatic acid.
  4. Fill the bucket with 3 - 4" of water. 
  5. Set the Turbo Cell, on end, in the bucket of water. 
  6. Add 1 - 1 1/2" of muriatic to the water in the bucket. (Be safe, Never add water to Acid, add Acid to Water) Let the cell sit in this solution for 5-10 minutes.
  7. Turn the cell over and let the other end sit in the solution for 5 - 10 minutes. You will be submersing the cord, which will not be affected by the mild acid solution. Look in both ends of the cell to confirm calcium deposits are removed. If not, repeat cleaning procedure.
  8. Rinse cell with fresh water and replace in plumbing line. Hand tighten the unions before restoring power to filter pump.
  9. IMPORTANT: dispose of water and acid mixture in a safe manner by pouring the contents of the bucket in your pool.

Select the correct size replacement cell for your pool below when ordering:
Pools up to 15,000 gallons use T-Cell-3
Pools up to 25,000 gallons use T-Cell-9
Pools up to 40,000 gallons use T-Cell-15