Bromine Tablets 1.5 lbs

Leisure Time Bromine Tablets

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Leisure Time Bromine Tablets

LeisureTime® Bromine tablets  - Powerful and effective hot water sanitizer for Spas and Hot Tubs!

LeisureTime spa bromine tablets are the best hot water, spa and hot tub sanitizer to use as an alternative to spa chlorine, especially in hot water. LeisureTime premium quality bromine is pH balanced, so you will find that is less harsh on skin, eyes, hair and swimwear. Bromine is also perfect for use in hot tubs because its more stable, lasting longer than chlorine and it's slow-dissolving. Bromine tablets are designed to be dispensed using either a refillable floater or an automatic spa bromine feeder. Convenient 1" tablets.

1-1/2 lbs Bottle