Mesh Safety Cover

Mesh Safety Cover
Price: $409.95


Swimming pool mesh safety covers for rectangle in ground pools! Our covers are strong and built to last!

Rectanglar Mesh Inground Swimming Pool Safety Covers Provide Premium Pool Protection!

Deck locking pool safety covers are super tough! They provide year-round protection and security! Strong enough to support your entire family, yet light enough to put on or remove from your pool in just minutes! Built for pool safety to protect your swimming pool during the winter and even while away on vacation. Mesh safety pool covers prevent pool intrusion, keeping children, pets and wildlife safe. Safety pool covers reduce seasonal pool clean-up and maintenance and eliminate the unsightly appearance, grief and aggravation using standard solid type winter covers with water bags! No more leaking water bags, mosquito infestation, pumping water off the cover in the Spring, covers blowing into the pool, frequent cover replacement and no more backyard eyesore. 

Deck-Lock covers are made of Super-Strong two-ply micro-mesh with a break strength of over 4,000 lbs. When installed, the cover is held in place with brass concrete deck anchors. These anchors recess flush with the deck when the cover is not in use. Rest assured that your children and pets are protected from accidental drowning because each cover is tailored for a taut fit that locks down onto your pool deck. In addition to its safety features, its fine, lightweight micro-mesh allows water to seep through but screens out leaves and debris. Spring clean up is a snap because no water collects on the cover. The cover comes complete with permanent brass anchors, stainless steel springs and buckles, installation tool, instructions and a heavy-duty storage bag. Backed by a Limited 12 year Manufacturers Warranty, 2-years full warranty. Available in green mesh and some sizes in blue mesh. This cover is Rectangular in shape and unless specifed by a pool size and step location below, will not accomodate a pool with a step. If your pool step is a different size, please contact us, we will be glad to get you a quote. The picture above is for illustration only. This cover will fit rectangular pools that have up to a 6-ince radius corner. Cover size is actually 2 foot larger in each direction than the listed pool sizes. Order your cover according to the listed swim area dimensions to match the swim area dimensions of your pool for a proper fit.
Inground mesh safety cover colors: Green and Blue mesh 
Green and Blue Mesh Safety Cover Colors

Triple Stitched Webbing!
Our saftey pool covers are strong enough to support your entire family, yet light enough to put on or remove from your pool in just minutes.. These durable, long-lasting covers are made of super-strong two-ply mesh with a break strength of over 4,000 pounds. Made from tough UV stabilized, rot-resistant polypropylene and triple nylon stitched webbing and seams for superior long lasting strength.

Permanent and Reliable Concrete Deck Anchors!
Each pool safety cover comes complete with permanent brass screw-type anchors for concrete decks only. The anchor is made of solid brass and will not rust. When not in use, the top of the anchor recesses back down inside so that the top is flush with the pool deck surface, so they are easy on the feet in-season. Once the deck anchors have been installed, the cover can easily be installed or removed within minutes.


Permanent Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Springs!
The stainless steel spring is designed to enable quick installation and cover adjustment. It also absorbs and equalizes cover load and movement due to ice and snow accumulation. The springs are covered with polyethylene sleeves to keep the metal spring from marring the pool deck during any ice or snow load. Covers are installed or removed only using the cover installation bar or tool. The cover is to be installed taut onto the pool. This is accomplished by hooking one stainless steel spring onto the raised deck anchor on one side of the pool, inserting the installation bar through the stainless steel spring ring on the direct opposite side of the pool. As you leverage the bar back away from the cover, the spring slides down the bar securing itself onto the opposing deck anchor, which locks the cover down onto the deck. Repeat this process until all webbing straps have been secured to the deck. 


Super Strong, Load Rated Webbing Insures Safety!
The UV stabilized webbing on our covers is Doubled boarder stitched and placed on BOTH SIDES of the pool cover with Cross & Box tacking on all perimeter straps which ensures our superior strength. Specially designed rub strips are designed and placed where needed to prevent marking of the pool coping and they eliminate abrasion on the stitching. All webbing straps are adjustable using the strap buckles for proper cover tension. Our covers will stand up to even the toughest weather conditions!


Fine Mesh Fabric Quality Makes The Difference!
Our mesh safety pool cover fabric is made from a unique blend of polypropylene that is impervious to chlorine and mildew, resists rot and stands up to the harsh UV rays of sunlight for years. Super strong yet, they're lightweight to allow for easy installation and removal. The Porous mesh allows water from rain and snow melt to drain in, which provides you a faster pool opening and a cleaner pool in the Spring. Unwanted leaves and debris just blow away! Feature packed - Value Priced! An attractive compliment to your backyard any time of year!

Please order according to the rectangular swim area size of your pool for a proper fit.  

Please refer to the following illustration to select the proper step location when ordering. Stand at the pool deep end and look across the pool for step orientation.

                          center end step Center End Step
  Safety Pool Cover step location

 Many more sizes available! Contact us for a free price quotation! 

Important size information:  Our Rectangle cover will fit your pool if:

  • The pool length and / or width is up to 3" smaller than listed below, and a minimum of 36" of deck is available.
  • The pool length and / or width is up to 3" larger than listed below, and a minimum of 30" of deck is available.
  • There are no non-removable rails or obstructions within 12 inches of the pool water edge.
  • The anchor style supplied with our covers are designed for concrete decks. Please contact us prior to ordering for Wood Deck or Paver style anchors which are an additional cost.
  • This cover will fit only rectangular pools with square corners or radius corners up to a 6-inch radius.
  • If you are ordering a rectangle cover with a left or right side step, the step must be located flush with the pool shallow end wall. 
In-stock Green mesh pool covers normally ship within 24 hours. Due to seasonal demands, please allow 5 to 14 days for delivery of any safety pool cover.
Please select the pool cover color and pool size desired when ordering.