Algaecide 50

Algaecide 50
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Pool Algaecide 50

Americas Best 50% Pool Algaecide is super concentrated, not watered down. For example, you will find that 1 quart of our 50% Quat pool algaecide will treat twice as many gallons as a whole gallon of a brand 'X' pool algaecide purchased at a many mass merchant stores. Compare our special formulated pool algaecide 50 pool chemical to other quality brands like GLB®, Sun®, Guardex®, and BioGuard®.

Our pool algaecide 50 (50% Quat - Low Foam) is algae's worst enemy!

  • Super concentrated 50% swimming pool algaecide

  • 50% Quat - Low Foam

  • 1 Qt. treats up to 240,000 gallons!

  • Kills and prevents all types of algae

  • Non-metallic & non-staining, low-foaming formula

  • Won’t Discolor Hair

  • Swim immediately after treatment

  • Start-up dosage: 5.25 oz. per 10,000 gallons

  • Maintenance Dosage: 1.25 oz. per 10,000 gallons

Americas Best pool algaecide 50 is the strongest swimming algaecides on the market! Super concentrated to kill green, black, blue-green, and yellow mustard algae. Non-metallic, LOW foam 50% quat pool algicides will not stain or leave a residue. Strong, yet safe - swim immediately after treatment. Not effected by pH and safe for all pool types.

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