1 inch Chlorine Tablets

America's Best quality and value priced 1 inch chlorine tablets for swimming pool sanitation!
Price: $59.99

1" Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pools

Premium Stabilized 1 inch chlorine small tablets and other concentrated chlorinating pool chemicals are the finest you can buy! Shop Americas Best for the best price chlorine values!

Our 1 inch chlorine small tablets are very hard pounded, to keep the chlorine tablets from dissolving too rapidly. Hard pounded chlorine tablets ensure the slowest erosion possible and the chlorine amount you expect 24/7.

America's Best 1" pool chlorine tablets 
provide the maximum convenience. You can use our small tablets in automatic pool chlorine feeders and chlorine floaters! Using the small chlorine tabs, you can easily fit more chlorine tabs into your feeder or floated for extended pool sanitation between refills.

Our 1 inch chlorine tablets are manufactured using only the highest quality, pool chlorine approved by the EPA, providing a powerful 90% available chlorine, 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione. The same formulation used in our hot selling 3 inch pool chlorine tablets, only in a smaller 1/2 oz small pool tablet size. 
Our pool chemicals are formulated not stain your pool or cause excessive foaming and water clouding. Our pool chlorine tablets feature UV protection to help prevent premature chlorine loss from the exposure to sunlight.

Compare our 1 inch pool chlorine tablet ingredients to any other brand of swimming pool chemicals! You can see for yourself, if the ingredient label reads the same...it is the same!

America's Best Pool 1 inch Chlorine Tablets Just Cost Less! 

  • Powerful 90% Available Pool Chlorine!

  • Same quality as our 3" pool chlorine tabs only a little faster dissolving for immediate results

  • Stabilized providing U.V. shield protection from chlorine loss due to sun exposure

  • Dissolves completely with no residue

  • Great for use in floaters, automatic chlorinators, and skimmer baskets

  • Use ten 1 inch chlorine small tabs per 10,000 gallons per week

  • 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione.

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