Chlorine Stabilizer Conditioner

Chlorine Stabilizer Conditioner
Price: $27.99

Chlorine stabilizer (cyanuric acid) pre-conditions your swimming pool water to make chlorine last longer!

Chlorine stabilizer and water conditioner is used at the beginning of each season to protect pool chlorine from the sun’s damaging effects and increase its effectiveness.

Chlorine stabilizer is required if your pool is equipped with a saltwater pool chlorine generator or uses unstabilized pool chlorine so you can stop wasting chlorine. The pool salt system equipment manufacturers recommend maintaning a minimum level of 60 ppm cyanuric acid.

Pool stabilizer and conditioner reduces pool chlorine consumption by up to 25%!

Recommended Dosage: 1 lbs. per 10,000 gallons will raise your chlorine stabilizer level by 10 ppm.


Please select the size you desire below when ordering. Choose 5-lb. bag, 10-lb. bag, 25-lb. pail, 45 lb. pail, 90 lb. is shipped in two 45-lb. pails. 
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