Granular Chlorine

Granular Chlorine
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Granular Chlorine

Swimming Pool Sanitizing Chlorine Granules is Fast Dissolving Dichlor chlorine and Will Not Bleach Pool Vinyl Liners or Harm Pool Surfaces!

Our Granular chlorine for swimming pools and spas is 100% calcium-free, so there's no need to worry about clouding or harming you pool vinyl liner. This is the favorite granular pool chlorine used by professional pool and spa service companies because it's pH Neutral, Dissolves Completely and Rapidly, leaves No Foam or Residue, is a Very Powerful Chlorine Pool Sanitizer and best of all, it can be Broadcast Directly into any swimming pool or spa water! Our sanitizing granules are stronger and more far more economical than Lithium pool chlorine. It Won't stain or bleach vinyl liners or color sensitive pool and spa surfaces! 

Our pool chlorinating granules are FRESH and stabilized featuring U.V. protection against premature chlorine depletion caused by sunlight. It's the best granular pool chlorine you can buy! Compare the ingredients of our chlorine granules to these other quality brands — GUARDEX®, BIOGUARD®, LESLIES®, SUN®, E-Z CHLOR®, AND PACE® and see for yourself! If the ingredients are the same - It is the same. Save more with America's Best pool chlorine granules!

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  • Keeps pool water safe and clean, eliminating dangerous contaminants
  • Stabilized for protection against sun’s U.V. rays
  • Fast-dissolving formula delivers immediate chlorination
  • Allows precise control over pool chlorine level
  • Powerful 99.5% pure Sodium Dichloro-S-Triazinetrione
  • EPA approved sanitizer
  • Will not cause cloudy water
  • May be pre-dissolve or add directly to pool water for immediate results. Can NOT be used in any automatic chlorinator.
  • Recommended Pool Dosage: 1-Lb per 12,000 gallons. Spa Dosage: approx 1/2 oz. per 375 gallons. 56% available chlorine. 

Please select the size you desire below when ordering. Choose either 2-lb bottle, 5-lbs, 10-lbs., 25-lbs., 40-lbs., 80-lbs., 200-lbs or 480-lbs. (note: all sizes 40-lb. and larger are shipped in 40-lb. containers). 
NOTE: Our granular chlorine chemical packaging may vary from the images shown, but the product quality is always identical.