4 in 1 Pool Clarifier

4 in 1 Pool Clarifier
Price: $19.99

Ultra Clear 4 in 1 pool water clarifier is a natural, super swimming pool clarifier that works fast!

Ultra Clear 4 in 1 pool clarifier is completely natural and a biodegradable formula that attracts organic debris that cloud your water and carries it to the filter. With our 4 in 1 pool water clarifier, even grime-forming excess oils are pulled out of the water, preventing them from forming a scum line at the water line. 

4 in 1 pool clarifier also acts as a "metal magnet", trapping heavy metals before they can stain pool surfaces. Weekly use of Ultra Clear clarifier keeps your filter running at top efficiency and reduces the demand for pH adjusters, shock treatments, and algaecides.

Ultra Clear 4-in-1 swimming pool clarifier treatment is a Powerful natural clarifier that will prevent stains, scum, foam and is compatible with ALL sanitizing systems like Baquacil®, Softswim®, and other biguanide pool chemicals. Environmentally-friendly, safe, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Compare to Sea-Klear® 4-in-1 pool water clarifer
Dosage: 1 oz. per 5,000 Gallons

1-Quart bottle


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