Wall Foam

Pool Wall Foam is closed-cell 1/8" thick foam padding that provides a smooth finish and protection between pool sidewalls and liners.
Price: $74.99

Pool Wall Foam provides an insulating, vapor barrier between the pool wall and liner creating a smooth surface for liner installation!

Our pool wall foam provides the following features: It's closed-cell 1/8" thick foam padding that provides a smooth finish on pool sidewalls and bottoms, preventing abrasion due to possible rust, corrosion, wall degradation and hides wall section seams for a truly professional looking pool liner installation. Provides a nice padded feel inside the pool too. It's a vapor barrier between the wall and liner to help insulate against changes in outside temperatures. Adds extended life to the vinyl pool liner.

Pool Wall Foam may be used on any type of vinyl liner pool. The wall foam roll is 42 inches wide for inground pools and 48 inches wide for above ground pools. It is available in various lengths as shown below. Please select the correct height for your pool type.

Wall foam applies easily to the inside of your pool wall using spray foam adhesive. Four  cans of spray adhesive is needed for a 125 foot length of wall foam. The spray tack adhesive provides a quick, easy and permanent application. Can weight 17 oz. Can contains 24 fl. oz. (material expands). 
Please select the wall height and roll length below when ordering.
Don't forget the spray adhesive!