Del Ozone Eclipse Pool Ozonators

Del Eclipse Ozonators sanitize your swimming pool using chemical free ozone! It produces oxygen, O3 and sanitizes 3000 times fasted than chlorine!
Price: $599.95

ECLIPSE™ I, II or III Pool Ozonators 

Del Ozonators sanitize your pool using chemicals free ozone! Ozone is Oxygen with Attitude! Ozone ~ O3 The Breath of God – Ancient Hebrew meaning; Pure Air. Ozone is oxygen with an extra molecule. Or as some would say, activated oxygen. It happens naturally after a lightening storm. The air always smells different, cleaner - Pure. That is Ozone! So, did you know that ozone has been used in many “cutting edge” applications such as Space…the final frontier, Medical Institutions, Water Treatment Plants and many other industries. Ozone, the greatest purifier we can use from Nature herself to help us humans to live in a more healthy and safe environment. Now take all of this and add it to Water. Now you can double the benefits! Ozone in your water….Protects you from viruses, bacteria, chemicals, metals and all the Yukies. It is more powerful than other protocols that have been used in the past. One of the tremendous breakthroughs with Ozone has been with detoxification of the body. From just a rejuvanating bath to a full blown protocol that cleanses the entire oranganizm from things like parasites, bacteria, viruses, and brings Health back to YOU! Ozone is the alternative water purifier to using only traditional chemicals such as chlorine and bromine. Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer safely used.

What Ozone Does for you:

  •  Destroys bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew.
  •  Eliminates spores, cysts, yeast, and fungus.
  •  Oxidizes iron, sulfur, manganese and hydrogen sulfate.
  •  Eliminates oils and other contaminants in water.
  •  Keeps water clean, sparkling clear and fresh.
  •  Leaves no chemical by-products in water.
  •  Leaves no chemical taste or smell.
  •  Will not burn eyes or make them red or irritated.
  •  Will not irritate or dry out skin, nose, or ears.
  •  Will not leave a chemical film on material or skin.
  •  Will not discolor or damage hair or clothing.
  •  Rids water of unhealthy microorganisms.
  •  Safe for the Environment as well as Pool Equipment & pipes.
  •  Does not affect the pH balance of water, thus minimizing pH adjustments.
  •  Helps reduce total dissolved solids in water.
  •  Eliminates much of the maintenance because it does an effective job keeping the water clean.
  •  Reduces the need for chlorine or bromine in pools and spas.

Eclipse™ pool ozonators are Corona Discharge(CD) Ozone Generators. They produce far more ozone than comparably sized UV type ozone generators. The ECLIPSE™ pool ozone generators produce up to 3 times the concentration (reaching 1,350 ppm) of ozone produced by a UV generator which tops about 550 ppm. 
ECLIPSE I unit is for pools with water capacities up to 7,000 gallons. 
ECLIPSE II unit is for pools with water capacities up to 15,000 gallons.
ECLIPSE III unit is for pools with water capacities up to 25,000 gallons.
The TOTAL ECLIPSE II unit is for pools with water capacities up to 25,000 gallons.

The ECLIPSE™ I, II and III pool ozonators reduce pool chlorine usage up to 40% and may eliminate the need to shock the pool. The TOTAL ECLIPSE™ pool ozonator provides more complete coverage, operating independent of your swimming pool filtration system. The TOTAL ECLIPSE™ ozonator is designed for new pool construction, provides 24 hour sanitation using it's own circulation pump and venturi injector.  
ECLIPSE pool ozonators install easily into new or existing pools. The ECLIPSE I, II and III is designed for installation with an injector, plumbed into the main return line after all other pool equipment. The ECLIPSE will operate in unison with the pool's main time clock. The ECLIPSE should be plumbed into a manifold on the pool return line; ECLIPSE may now inject ozone through a venturi injector when the pool filtration system operates.

Installation kit with injector sold separately, as there are several options available.

ECLIPSE™ Unit Specifications:

  • Electrical:
  • 110 Volt with standard 3-prong plug
  • Cabinet: Extruded aluminum construction
  • Components: ECLIPSE ozone generator and installation manual.

Limited 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty