Hayward Perflex DE Filters & Systems

Hayward Perflex DE Filters & Systems
Price: $549.95

Hayward Perflex D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth) In-ground Pool Filters & Filter Systems

If your're looking for the superb filtration, Hayward's DE filter will provide your Inground, On-ground or large above ground swimming pool with the cleanest water possible! It's large square footage, filter flex tube design is a simplified way to achieve maximum filtering surface area for superior pool water cleaning. Using a bump activated regeneration handle rather quickly extends filter cycles and completely eliminates backwashing and water waste. Hayward EC-65 filter is recommended for pools up to 36,000 gallons and requires 6-Lbs maximum charge of Diatomaceous Earth powder. The EC-75 DE filter is recommended for pools up to 48,000 gallons and requires 7-Lbs maximum charge of Diatomaceous earth powder. Remember - It's better to slightly under charge rather than to over charge with DE powder. No Backwashing or water waste!

Filter Features: Exclusive bump handle activates the mechanism causing the Flex-Tubes to instantly and uniformly clean themselves of dirt and filter powder. Self-venting design automatically expels any air that may be present in the system Proven, patented Flex-Tube filter elements efficiently reuse the filter powder and dirt mixture forming a fresh filtering surface. Combination pressure gauge and threaded inspection/service port is easy to read and remove when filter needs cleaning. Heavy-duty filter tank injection-molded of high-strength Duralon for dependable, corrosion-free performance. Integral check valve prevents system backflow whenever pump is not running. The Perflex filter only is pictured above.

The Hayward Perflex DE Filter System is pictured below. It features the Hayward 1-HP high performance Super Pump. It has been perfectly matched to the EC-65 or EC-75 filters.
 Hayward Perflex (DE) diatomaceous earth inground swimming pool filters and filter systems with the high performance Super Pump to complete the system. Superb water clarity and reduced backwashing! Ec-65 and EC-75 filters just make pool water care easier!
Permaglass XL tank has a 10 year limited manufacturers warranty and the rest of the components are backed by a one-year manufacturers warranty.

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