Leisure Time Bright & Clear spa and hot tub water clarifier

Leisure Time Bright & Clear

Price: $11.49

Leisure Time Bright & Clear Water Clarifier

With Leisure Time bright & clear spa water clarifier will restore the spa sparkle! If your spa water looks dull or dirty it's because there are billions of very small, suspended particles in the water that are too small to be filtered out. All of these particles have a negative electrical charge and will not combine.

Leisure Time Bright & Clear spa and hot tub clarifier is a blend of organic polymers that have many positive charges along its chain. The dirt is attracted to the Spa Bright & Clear and is neutralized. The small particles can then combine to form large enough particles to be trapped by your filter. Filter will work more efficiently removing these small particles. Helps to reduce sanitizer use, removes and neutralizes suspended particles for improved water clarity.

DIRECTIONS: Use once per week. For spas up to 800 gallons use 2 oz. For spas over 800 gallons use 4 oz.

1-Quart Bottle