Covermate 3 Hot Tub Cover Lift

Covermate 3 Hot Tub Cover Lift

Price: $294.95

Covermate 3 spa cover lift

Covermate-III spa cover lift makes removing the spa cover virtually effortless no matter where you spa is installed. Covermate stores the cover elevated beside the spa, requiring only 4" to 6" of clearance between the spa and adjacent walls. Creating an excellent wind and privacy screen for the spa users.

Covermate III spa cover lift uses hydralic lifts to make opening and closing the spa cover easy enough for one person to manage. Covermate features a break-proof locking system that prevents inadvertent closing of the cover while the spa is in use. This feature eliminates the chance of damaging the hydraulic shocks. This cover lift is equipped with a variable mounting bracket that is able to be deck-mounted or directly mounted to the spa cabinet.

Covermate 3 is made of weather resistant, black powder coated aluminum tubing that will provide years of trouble free performance. Arrives at your door almost completely assembled, making installation time easier.

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