Bromine Tablets

Bromine pool, spa or hot tub sanitizer. Bromine tablets provide great warm water sanitation and are very slow dissolving.
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Bromine tablets for pools and hot tubs!

Americas Best spa, hot tub and pool bromine tablets are powerful and effective warm water sanitizers for swimming pools and spas. Bromine is a chlorine alternative that works great, especially for indoor pools and hot tubs. Americas Best pool bromine tablets are pH balanced. You will find it to be less harsh on the skin, eyes, hair and swimwear. Bromine produces no chlorine odor, which makes it ideal for any swimming pool or bromine spa care.

Compare our quality bromine to AQUABROME®; BIOGUARD® AND GUARDEX®.

Bromine tablets are the perfect hot tub sanitizing chemical. The slow-dissolving formula performs better than chlorine in warmer water temperatures. You will use less bromine and it will last longer than chlorine when used in swimming pools too. You must use a floating chemical dispenser or an automatic chemical feeder to dispense the bromine tablets in water. 

  • Powerful alternative sanitizers for pools and spas 
  • No chlorine odor 
  • Less irritating to the skin, eyes, hair, and swimwear 
  • Kills algae and bacteria 
  • More effective than chlorine in warm water 
  • Lasts longer and dissolves slower than chlorine for less frequent application 
  • 1” tablets for use in automatic bromine feeders or floating dispensers 
  • Bromine is perfect for indoor pools and hot tubs.

Please select the desired size of bromine tablets below when ordering. Choose from 3-1/2 lbs., 10-lbs., 25-lbs., 50-lbs., 100-lbs., 200-lbs. or 500-lbs. (note: all sizes 50-lbs. and larger are shipped in 50-lbs. containers).
NOTE: Our bromine tablet chemical packaging may vary from the images shown, but the product quality is always as described.