Yellow Out

Yellow Out
Price: $16.95

Yellow Out® for pools is not an algaecide! It is a natural and non-toxic formula that enhances the power of chlorine to destroy algae quickly and cost effectively. Turn your swimming pool from green water to clean in just 24 hours!

YELLOW OUT® cleans up pool algae gently, without those harsh pool algaecide chemicals that can damage and stain pool surfaces. It's the only patented, scrub-free pool cleaner available today. Yellow Out works with chlorine to safely clean your pool unlike toxic swimming pool algaecides...and does it in just 24 hours.

It's not an algaecide, herbicide or pesticide and does not contain quarternaries (foam), copper (stain), silver (stain) or poison. No pool algaecide can match the safety of Yellow Out®. When was the last time you read the precautionary statements on algaecide, such as "This pesticide toxic to fish," etc.? Yellow Out® doesn't require such statements. WHY NOT? Because, alone, Yellow Out® will not kill algae. However, when Yellow Out® is used with chlorine, pool water cleanup is achieved quickly and economically.
Dosage: 2 pounds per 15,000 gallons!

2-Lb. jar