Spa Covers

Hot tub covers and spa covers that are easy to install and remove! 

Floating spa covers, spa solar blankets and spa Rings help to keep the hot tub water warm, save energy and lower heating cost! They will help to make hot tub covers last longer! After a few years, you will need to replace your spa cover. Spa covers get water logged from the moisture, hot vapor and chemicals inside the spa. All of these will take a toll and shorten the life of the spa cover. Our lightweight floating spa covers can give you the additional protection you need.

A floating hot tub cover helps to maintain the heat, insulate and minimize water evaporation. It floats directly on the hot tub water. Our floating covers help to save energy, lower hot tub heating cost and extend the life of the spa cover.

Solar spa covers add the heat you need and help to reduce spa and hot tub heating cost. This spa cover may be trimmed with scissors to fit your spa.
Price: $19.99
Spa Solar Rings help to keep the spa water warm and they are very easy to handle.
Price: $69.99