Above Ground Pool Filters

Above Ground Pool Filters

Above Ground Swimming Pool Filters - Sand, DE and Cartridge Filters and Filter Systems by Hayward, Pentair, Clear Water and Sta-Rite

We have all the popular above ground swimming pool filters by the brands you trust like Hayward Pool Products, Pentair Water, Clear Water and Sta-Rite Pool Products at lower delivered prices you are sure to enjoy!

Above ground pool filters are to be sized correctly for proper pool filtration and balanced pool water, with an 8-10 hour turnover rate. This is one of the most essential factors in managing the quality, safety and clarity of your swimming pool. Each pool filter should be matched to the  specific performance needs for each pool size, pump size and application. Each of our above ground filter systems have been matched with the correct pump size for superior water cleaning performance. 

Swimming pool sand filters we offer are very effective and user friendly. Sand filters are designed for a fast water turn over and superb pool water filtering.

Cartridge and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) pool filters do not require the high water turn-over rates as sand filters because they filter very small particles much more efficiently, with one pass through the filter media. Selecting the correct size filter depends mostly on the size and type of pool pump you have, the size of your swimming pool, the plumbing line size and if your pump with be used for more than just filtration. Again, swimming pool sand filters require a much faster water turn over or flow rate than do cartridge and diatomaceous (DE) filters. DE and cartridge filtering is adversely affected using a higher rated horsepower pump with a higher flow rate for the type of filter you have or need.

When replacing an existing swimming pool filter, we recommend that you replace it with one that matches your existing pool pump flow rate, pool gallon capacity and water turn-over rate requirement to provide safe water filtration. The brand of pool filter and any other considerations truly depend on your personal choice and budget!