Water Aerobic Fitness

Water Aerobic Exercise Equipment

Americas Best pool exercise equipment and water aerobic equipment! Enjoy the pool water and stay in shape. The perfect balance of fun and fitness! Low-impact underwater aerobic workouts in you own backyard swimming pool are more effective, providing men and women of any age and fitness level increased cardiovascular stamina and additional health benefits. Exercising in water provides more resistance to movement than air, so this allows you to achieve more muscle exercise without even noticing the full extent of the effort you're exerting and without straining your joints. Our water aerobic equipment and pool exercise equipment include water hand bars, water ankle cuffs and pool jogger belts which are developed for enjoyable exercise, to help lose weight, improve fitness, rehabilitate from an injury, help relieve arthritis limitations, improve overall health, conditioning for sports or just have fun! Water aerobic exercise in the privacy of you own backyard pool.