Solar Reel Accessories

Solar Swimming Pool Cover Reel Accessories

Manage and Care for Your Solar Pool Cover and Reel More Convenient!

Helps to extend the useful life of your pool solar equipment and solar heating capability!

We offer the accessories that are hard to find, but are very desirable to use. This may sound funny, but we have a cover for your solar pool cover! These covers are designed to protect the solar cover from over-heating and destroying the pool cover. The manufacturers of the solar pool covers tell all of us in their warranties to remove the cover from direct exposure to the sun when not installed on the pool. This is because there is no way for the captured heat inside the solar cover bubbles to be released or cooled by transferring the heat to the pool water. When the bubbles over-heat they super-expand, which can damage the cover and shorten its service life. If this happens, it is not covered under the terms of ANY manufacturer warranty. Almost all solar cover manufacturers supply a length of white plastic with the cover, with instructions to cover the solar cover with this plastic sheeting once the cover is rolled up onto a reel, to protect it from damage from the sun. The white color absorbs less heat than the blanket itself, which offers protection. The problem with the white sheeting that is furnished is that there is no way to secure it in place and it does not last very long. Therefore, we offer a cover for your solar pool cover that does the job correctly. There is a cover for use in the summer and a different style and composition for use in the winter, if you desire to leave your solar cover and reel outside in the pool area during the winter months. Both styles of covers are very beneficial and are easy to install. We also offer replacement solar cover reel strap kits. After a few years of service, the solar reel strap system you have been using may become worn and deteriorated from use and exposure. We have Universal replacement strap kits to get you rolling again! They may be used for in-ground or above ground swimming pool cover reels.