In-ground Solar Cover Reels

In-ground Solar Cover Reels

Stop Struggling with Your Pool Solar Blanket!

Now one person can manage the solar blanket without help! Our in-ground pool solar reels come in several styles offering features that are slightly different for each specific application, such as pools with diving boards. We are often asked, "which in-ground solar cover reel do you recommend?". Our answer is often the same, depending on whether or not you have a diving board on your swimming pool. If you do have a board, you need a solar reel that is either tall enough to roll back over it or one that has an adjustable height to ensure that there is enough clearance to move it easily back and out of the way.

We also have solar reels that can fit underneath the diving board and yet they remain stationary. This reel is called a low-profile solar reel. If you do not have a diving board on your pool, you now have more flexibility making a decision on the reel of choice.

Solar reels are made primarily in two different qualities. There are long lasting all aluminum reels, whether they are made of cast aluminum or extruded and those with long aluminum poles and resin/plastic bases. If you plan to have your pool for many years, then buy an all aluminum solar reel that is designed to last without service or parts replacement. If you buy an economy solar cover reel, which are okay, such as one made with plastic end bases, expect that you will be replacing the bases about once every four years to five years. This is because the composition is not able withstand the ultraviolet rays of sunlight, which is only one of the principle factors that causes the plastic to become brittle and develop cracks. Based on our experience, it is better to spend a little more now than to have to pay more again later. We bring you Americas Best commercial and residential in-ground pool solar blanket reel choices!