Winter Closing Kits

Pool Winter Closing Kits - Pre-measured Pool Chemicals for Fast Swimming Pool Winterization

Our Pool Closing Kits require no measuring and are designed to help simplify the swimming pool winterizing process!

Each pool closing kit contains the pool chemicals you need to easily close the swimming pool during the winter months! We offer chlorine-free and biguanide pool winterizing kits to help make your pool winterization a snap this year!

Our pool winter closing kits are designed for convenience, with concentrated chemicals and pre-measured with the proper amount chemical for a proper pool closing according to pool size. Our swimming pool closing kits have been produced and used for many years of proven success preventing algae bloom and keeping your pool water clear until springtime when the pool cover comes off.

We offer non-chlorine closing kits. Chlorine-free pool winter kit chemicals do not bleach or stain pool liners or pool surfaces. Some folks disconnect and prepare their pool equipment for winter first, before adding the winter pool closing chemicals. Since the equipment is now off-line, many pool types would be best treated using non-chlorine winterizing chemicals that can be safely broadcast across the pool water surface without harming pool liners. The non-chlorine form is a powerful oxidizer and kills any contaminants and reduces carbon dioxide in the water. We recommend that you circulate the pool closing chemicals in your pool for a few hours prior to winterizing your pool equipment. Either way you choose to do it can be effective. Don't under-estimate your pool's capacity. It's better to have more winterizing pool chemicals than not enough!