Chemical Value Packs

Pool Chemical Value Packs

Get the best price on our pool chemical packages. Cheap pool chemical packages offer a discount way to purchase all your swimming pool chemical needs at once in a convenient package.
Our Swimming Pool Chemical Value Packages make it easy to get the chemicals you need fast and easy! We have designed and pre-selected our pool chemical value packs to provide you with all the essentials to treat most swimming pools for the season. 

Our Pool Chemical Value Kits consist of our strongest and most popular pool chlorine, shock treatments and other ancillary chemical necessities! Simply select the pool chemical value package that is best suited for your pool size. You may still need to use some additional pool chemicals only because of how long your pool season is where you live, the weather and a few other factors that have effect on chemical usage. However, these pool chemical packages should provide just what the average swimming pool requires, based on the total gallons of pool water.

Chemical Value Packs
Price: $139.95