Opening Kits

Pool Opening Kits for Easier Swimming Pool Start-up in the Spring

Our pool Spring start-up chemical kits require no measuring and are designed to help simplify your swimming pool opening process!

Each pool opening kit contains the pool chemicals you need to easily start-up the pool this Spring! We offer chlorine, chlorine-free and biguanide pool opening kits to make your pool opening a snap this year!

Our swimming pool opening kits have just what you need for your initial swimming pool startup. All the pool chemicals in our pool Spring Startup Kit should be added to the pool water according to the size or gallon capacity of your swimming pool. When selecting a pool opening kit size, get one that matches your pool gallon capacity or larger. This makes it very convenient without having to measure chemicals for the proper application amount. 

Our swimming pool opening kits have been produced and used by thousands of pool owners for many years. Our pool opening kits have a proven success, preventing algae bloom and getting your pool water clear in the springtime when the pool cover comes off. After you re-connect your swimming pool equipment and refilled the pool with water. Startup your pool filtration system and add all the pool chemicals from the spring opening kit to make the water safe and to begin the clearing process. Continue to
 circulate the pool chemicals for at least one full day to clear the water. If you do have an algae bloom, green pool water, in the pool when the winter cover comes off, you will need to add addition pool shock treatments to finish clearing the pool water.