Pool Shock

Swimming Pool Shock

Americas Best swimming pool shock treatments, super chlorinating pool shock and non-chlorine pool shocking chemicals for water purification are concentrated, strong and fast acting! They will keep your swimming pool clear and algae free!

Our swimming pool shock is more powerful because it is a full strength chlorine based pool shock that is not blended with other ingredients like many pool shock treatments sold by many mass-merchants. Many mass merchants sell a blended pool shock, which contains a low amount of available chlorine. This form of pool shock also contains chemicals like clarifiers, flocculants and water balancers. This type of swimming pool shock may initially seem to be priced just a little less per pound. Do not be fooled! You must use over twice as much of this to get the same result you expect using full strength chlorine pool shock. Now calculate the pool shock price! So where is the lower cost?

Pool super chlorination with a quality pool shock, like our pool super shock is a required part of routine swimming pool maintenance and water purification. The proper use of pool shock and routinely shocking the pool is the secret to having a successful, algae-free swimming season at the lowest cost. We carry chlorine pool shock and non-chlorine pool shock in various strengths for every pool size and type. Shocking the pool will keep the most common water problems away and clear cloudy pool water fast. We need to shock the pool water more frequently due to high swim bather load, rainfall, heat and sunlight. All of these will all deplete your primary pool sanitizer. This makes it difficult to maintain safe and clear water. Using a super shock treatment to super-chlorinate, "burns off" or oxidizes these excess contaminates and restores the power of the primary pool sanitizer.

We recommend using a chlorine pool shock or non-chlorine pool shock to oxidize excess contaminants for routine pool water treatment at least once every seven to ten days and more frequently after periods of heavy rain and large swim bather loads.

Our pool shock treatments are safe to use with any swimming pool when applied correctly. Pool shock treatments are available in calcium hypochlorite (Cal-Hypo) shock, Dichlor shock and Lithium pool shock. We also feature a non-chlorine pool oxidizer that is great for shocking and swimming 15 minutes after treatment.

What happens when chlorine pool shock is added to the pool water? The chlorine reacts with the water to form hypochlorous acid. This is the actual disinfectant that kills bacteria and other pathogens in the pool water. The chlorine shock treatment performs this by attacking the lipids in their cell walls, and then it destroys the enzymes and structures inside the cell through an oxidation reaction. This is process is also known as "oxidation" for pools and spas, because we are oxidizing the excess contaiminants in the pool water. Some shock treatments will produce more disinfectant compared to others. More disinfectant at a great price is a true benefit. Check the percentage of available chlorine when you are making your purchase decision. The higher the percentage, the stronger the super chlorination treatment you will receive when shocking the pool. We recommend that you avoid blended pool shock treatments because the additional pool chemicals that are added drastically reduce the product effectiveness shocking the pool.

America's best chemicals get the job done right. Our chlorine pool shock treatment is great for routine shocking!
Price: $21.99
Super Shock treatment provides fast super chlorination! It is the strongest chlorine shock treatment you can buy.
Price: $28.99
Chlorine free pool shock is great for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs, Swim almost immediately after treatment.
Price: $22.99
Cloud Out is a fast acting oxidizer that clears cloudy pool water fast! Great for use in Chlorine, Bromine, Baquacil and Biguanide treated pools!
Price: $29.99