Pool Frog

Mineral Purifier, Reservoir, Bac Pac & BAM for Swimming Pools

Frog delivers Fresh Mineral Water for your pool or spa that is Easy

POOL FROG is another Giant Leap forward in easy swimming pool maintenance exclusively by King Technology!

POOL FROG delivers pool water that is safe and clear for inground and above ground swimming pools. The water quality is gentle to your eyes, skin, hair and swimsuits!

POOL FROG mineral purifier saves you a lot of money compared to using chlorine alone as a pool sanitizer! Pool Frog mineral purifiers by King Technology can reduce your pool chlorine expense to half and give you the best feeling water quality you have ever had!

POOL FROG will make your swimming pool water look and feel better without a lot of work.

POOL FROG is natural mineral pool maintenance system that delivers a low chlorine alternative automatically. No more handling of strong acidic pool chlorine tablets or breathing choking chlorine fumes! Reduce the harsh effects, like strong chlorine odor when opening pool chlorine containers, burning red eyes, dry skin and hair and faded swimsuits!

POOL FROG mineral purifier sanitizer reduces chlorine use by up to 50% compared to the minimum EPA recommended pool chlorine level of 1.0 ppm for a stabilized pool. Simply use the Pool Frog mineral reservoirs with at least 0.5 ppm of an EPA registered source of pool chlorine or a chlorine delivery device!

POOL FROG offers a complete pool water management system that can combine the effectiveness of mineral ionization from the mineral reservoir, with an ultra low-level chlorine delivery in one convenient automatic chemical feeder. We recommended that you use the Pool Frog Bac Pac in the feeder for your pool chlorine source.

POOL FROG Cycler feeder is on constant watch dispensing a proprietary blend of natural minerals from inside the mineral reservoir, while the POOL FROG Bac Pac delivers low-level chlorine into the swimming pool, automatically destroying algae, bacteria and providing total sanitizing protection for a crystal clear pool and safe swimming enjoyment!

The FROG mineral purifier system is easy to install and use. Once you have determined the correct Pool Frog Cycler feeder setting for your swimming pool size, just set it, then forget it, for weeks at a time! Pool Frog mineral reservoir cartridge lasts up to 6-months!