Nature ² Pool and Spa Mineral Purifiers are the Natural Alternative to Pool Chlorine and Spa Bromine Chemicals!

Nature 2 mineral purifier cartridges and express cartridges sanitize your swimming pool or spa in a more ECO friendly way! Nature2 express cartridge, Nature2 Express replacement cartridge, Nature 2 Express Vessel and cartridges for above ground pools and in-ground pools destroy swimming pool bacteria, algae and cut chemical usage and costs up to 50%, which results in less maintenance, and no more dry skin and stinging eyes. 

Nature2 pool and spa mineral sanitizer means you can significantly reduce the use of harsh chemicals like chlorine to just 0.5ppm in your pool or spa. Continuous use of Nature 2 in your pool means less suspended matter and a more consistent pH balance. Nature2 mineral purifier reduces the potential for stinging eyes, skin irritation and unpleasant odors.

Nature2 mineral purifiers are easy to install and use for your swimming pool or spa! That means you can experience a revolutionary new approach to sanitizing your pool that gives you the clearest water imaginable.

Simply install the Nature2 mineral sanitizer system into your pool’s return line, after your pump, filter and heater, then activate the cartridge and let it do the rest for six months. Then, just sit back and start experiencing a more refreshing pool.

Nature 2 is much simpler to maintain your swimming pool than using only traditional pool or spa chemicals alone. The Nature2 mineral purifier works automatically and requires no electricity. Pool owners who have switched from conventional chemical programs happily report that they are now spending considerably less time maintaining their pools with Nature2. This means more time for you to enjoy your pool and its fresh, clean water. Nature2 is NOT compatible with bromine or biguanide products.

Nature2 pool and spa purifiers deliver improved water quality you can see and feel!