Leisure Time Spa Chemicals


Leisure Time spa chemicals is America's choice for quality spa and hot tub chemicals.
America's Best choice is Leisure Time® for simple spa and hot tub care!

Spa chemicals that perform as you expect to get the job done right! For nearly three decades, Leisure Time® has been the premier brand providing innovative and easy to use spa care chemical products. During that time, hot tubs have become more luxurious and consumers more thoughtful in their spa maintenance choices. Leisure Time® has redefined their commitment to respond to these desires, providing alternatives and options, continuing their tradition as the leader in spa and hot tub water care chemicals.

Leisure Time® developed simple spa care. This is an easy to follow spa maintenance program. It allows spa and hot tub owners to spend more time enjoying and less time with spa maintenance.

Leisure Time® chemicals are available in various types of sanitizer choices. They offer mineral ionization, spa 56 chlorine, bromine tablets and chlorine/bromine-free sanitizer alternatives like the Free, Boost and Control sanitizing system. The spa chemical system that uses biguanide to keep your spa water safe and clear without using harsh products. They are gentle, yet they are extremely effective spa treatment chemicals. These biguanide chemicals are completely compatible with the Baqua Spa® product line.

You can test your spa water, then follow link below to input your water test results. Follow the recommendations to bring your spa water into perfect chemical balance. (Once complete, use your back arrow to return to our site). 
=>> water balance help.