Inground Pool Pumps

In-ground Pool Pumps! 

We offer swimming pumps by Hayward and Pentair for your in-ground pool or spa.  You will find the top rated pool pumps for proper filtration for residential in-ground pools here! America's Best has lower prices, free shipping and no handling charges for our swimming pool pumps!

Our inground pool pumps provide the pool water turnover rates you need for proper filtration! We have a pool pump for you no matter what type of pool filter or water features you own. We provide the proper water circulation to maintain the water quality, safety and clarity of your swimming pool or spa.

All of the inground swimming pool pumps are designed for fast water turnover and proper water filtering. We have pool pumps that are also designed for aquatic applications, featuring higher water volume and flow rates. We have the information you need to pick an in ground pool pump that is correct for your pool.

When buying a replacement pool pump, the most important considerations are to match the in ground pool pump horsepower and flow rate to the type of filter and pool size you own. A bigger pump is not necessarily better.

If you have a sand filter, it requires a much faster turnover rate, so that the water passes through the filter media as fast as possible through the filter for proper cleaning. Cartridge and diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) filters do not have this same requirement. If cartridge or D.E. pool filter flow rates are too fast, then the pool water filtering efficiency is actually reduced. Compared to sand filters, cartridge and D.E. filters remove much smaller particles and more dirt from the water with a single pass through the filter media. By design, cartridge and D.E. filters remove smaller particles, which creates more resistance to the water flow as they get dirty, so they just don't need high horsepower pool pumps and a fast turn over rate for excellent pool cleaning.

When looking for replacement pool pumps, we suggest that you choose one with the same voltage, horsepower rating, and similar water flow rate to to the one you have. This is to avoid possible flow issues. Changing the brand and model of pump from the one you have may mean that you need to do some re-plumbing of your system because of the differences in pump dimensions. Some of our pool equipment manufacturers offer pool pumps that are made with the same measurements as one of their competitor’s pool pumps. This allows you the chance to choose a pool pump without having to make changes to your existing plumbing. The brand and any other considerations you may have depend on your personal choice and budget!

Hayward Max Flo II XL swimming pool pumps
Price: $388.99
Pentair SuperFlo® is the direct-replacement pool pump for the Hayward® Super Pump® without having to change your existing plumbing configuation. Available in models 340037 (3/4 HP), 340038 (1 HP), 340039 (1-1/2 HP),  & 340040 (2 HP).
Price: $389.99
Hayward inground pool Super Pump models SP 2605 2607 2610 2615 & 2621. Super pumps provide high performance, great inground pool water flow and reliable filtration.
Price: $385.00
Hayward TriStar inground swimming pool pumps
Price: $589.99
Hayward Pool Products Super II pool pumps
Price: $514.99
Pentair Challenger inground swimming pool pump
Price: $583.99
Pentair WhisperFlo inground swimming pool pumps
Price: $517.95