E-Z POOL® & EZ SPA® Are Not Your Ordinary Pool and Spa Chemicals.
E-Z Pool® is Alternative Pool Care Solution that is Simple and Easy!
E-Z Pool® Chemicals & EZ Spa® were developed by API Water to provide a Total Care, All-in-One approach, replacing traditional pool and spa chemical products with better water quality. 

  • E-Z Pool® is the only dependable and simple “once-a-week” preventative swimming pool chemicals that contains its own lasting oxidizer!
  • Traditional Chlorine and Bromine maintenance regimens are highly acidic and cause discomforts and irritation such as dry skin and hair, odors, balance anxieties and clouding residues.
  • E-Z Pool® is Non-chlorine, Non-bromine and Non-biguanide. Biguanide programs are alternative pool care, but are more expensive and eventually may develop pesky problems with water molds and slime. E-Z Pool® and EZ Spa® can eliminate these problems from the begining before they can become costly and annoying.
  • All of these other pool care products were originally developed for other purposes and later adapted for pool water.
  • E-Z Pool® has been specifically developed for your pool and family and is compatible with all traditional pool sanitizers.
  • E-Z Pool® is a specially formulated alternative pool care system of friendly compounds that provide chemically purified bathing water… soothing, balanced, safe, tasteless, odorless, and very easy to use.
  • Benefits: E-Z Pool® saves you time with “Once-a-week” dependability and simplicity. Relieves the water balancing anxiety. Eliminates chemical odor! E-Z Pool® is the alternative pool care that's soothing … easy on the eyes, hair and no more dry skin. Less chlorine demand. E-Z Pool® care system is one product that does the job of several pool chemicals - All-In-One!
  • Advantages: UV and heat resistant with 7-day lasting stability. Stronger oxidation than traditional non-chlorine shock treatment products. Compatible with traditional pool products and sanitizers. Requires no expensive equipment, feeders or gadgets!

For a Limited Time — No Shipping or Handling Charges for E-Z Pool®! - It's FREE!

EZ Pool care sanitizer, algaecide, water balance management all-in-one product by API Water.
Price: $64.99
EZ SPA® Total Care is 7 spa and hot tub care products in one easy application once per week!
Price: $40.99
Cloud Out is a fast acting oxidizer that clears cloudy pool water fast! Great for use in Chlorine, Bromine, Baquacil and Biguanide treated pools!
Price: $29.99