Above Ground Pool Pumps

Above Ground Pool Pumps that are right on the money!

Choose Hayward, Pentair or Intex above-ground pool pumps for any size above-ground swimming pool! They make a pump for every type of pool filtration system! We have them in-stock and ready for fast and free delivery! Plus, we have no minimum order size requirement or handling charges!


We offer a huge selection of above ground swimming pool pumps. Choose from Hayward pool pumps, Pentair Water pool pumps or Intex pool pumps. We off the top name brand pumps you trust, at lower delivered prices and free shipping!
If you are searching for the best above ground pool pump to replace the existing pump you have or you are building a new swimming pool, we've got a pool pump for you that is Right on the Money!
Above ground pool pumps must be in top shape to deliver the proper pool water circulation. This is one of the most essential factors in managing the quality, safety and clarity of your swimming pool. Each swimming pool pump we offered has been designed specifically for doing just that! They are very effective for fast water turn over to aide in proper pool water filtering. Some of our pool pumps are designed for higher volume and water flow rates compared to the economy priced pool pumps. Selecting the correct size pool pump depends mostly on the size and type of filter you have and the size of your swimming pool. Matching the correct pump horsepower and flow rate to the type of filter for your pool size is necessary for good performance. Generally, sand filters require a much faster water flow or turn over rate, passing through the filter media several times for proper cleaning than do Cartridge and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters. If the swimming pool pumps flow rate is too fast with a cartridge or DE filter, then the filtering efficiency will be actually reduced. Compared to sand filters, these two filter types are designed to remove much smaller particles and more dirt from the water with a single pass through the filter media. By design, they do not need a high performance above ground pool pump to filter out smaller particles which would create more resistance to the water flow. Again, they just don't need a high horsepower swimming pool pump and a fast turn over rate for excellent cleaning. If you are in need of a replacement above ground pool pump, then we recommend that you choose a pump with the same voltage, horse power rating, and similar water flow rate to avoid possible application issues. The brand and any other considerations then will truly depend on your personal choice and budget!

Intex above ground swimming pool pumps and filters
Price: $4.95
Hayward Matrix above ground swimming pool pump
Price: $254.95